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Hip Hop Elements is considered one of the most influential street dance organizations in the world for its role in revolutionizing competitive breaking events. Their goal of bringing breaking to the Olympics will finally been realized at the 2024 Paris games.

The company was created by Richard, Bboy Speedy Legs, Fernandez in 1986 as a concept for a theater show.

By 1992, it evolved into the first clothing line catering exclusively to Bboys & Bgirls.

In 1997, the company began producing the most prolific hip hop dance conference in history, the MIAMI PRO-AM.

The Pro-Am was the first event in the world to create separate dance categories at Hip Hop events such as: Traditional 1vs1, B-Girl, Bonnie & Clyde, Crew Battles, Popping, Locking, Power moves, Uprock, Veteran, Abstract Styles and more.

It was the FIRST and ONLY annual battle in the United States at the time and the FIRST Bboy conference in the world with educational panels, fashion shows etc. It was also the ONLY event to showcase battles in all the other elements of Hip Hop consistently and held yearly DJ, MC, Beatbox and Graffiti contests. The event also published the world’s first Bboy magazine and was the first to introduce professionally edited multi-angle breaking videos.

At the time, most hip hop dance events only held a crew or singles battle and all styles would enter together and against each other. Speedy Legs used his competitive martial arts background to organize the dancers into different categories based on their abilities. He also designed one of the first judging systems for this new prototype event. The Pro-Am conference consists of panel discussions, workshops, concert performances, fashion shows, award ceremonies, and various Hip Hop competitions in dance, rap, turnbtablism and visual arts. It attracts thousands from all corners of the globe like; Europe, Asia, Latin America, North America, and Australia. Many careers of now famous dancers, djs and artists were launched at the Pro-Am.

In 1996, Richard teamed up with Steven “Zulu Gremlin” Roybal to co-found the B-boy Masters Pro-Am. In 1998, he partnered up with DJ Trails, and started producing events around the country. They expanded the clothing line globally and took the events to the next level.

They have produced some of the largest and most memorable breaking events in the United States and were among the first to host large cash prize battles on national platforms.

Over the last three decades, they have consistently been among the nations leaders in organizing cultural Hip Hop events, concerts and festivals. The company has received a fair amount of media and press attention including; MTV, ESPN2, NBC, BET, UPN, Univision, Telemundo, Mun2, Source Magazine, Rap Pages, Vibe Magazine, New York Times, Miami Herald, Sun-Sentinel, Washington Post and countless websites and blogs.

Hip Hop Elements has also teamed up with vital non-profit organizations such as the NAACP, Jobs With Justice, TRUTH, the Dan Marino Foundation, the Source Youth Foundation and many other charitable causes. They have also been hired to produce events and sponsored by major corporations such as Pepsi, ESPN, Lipton, Rebull, Coca Cola, Fila, Puma, Avirex and many others.

The company also has experience teaching workshops and organizing events at the following prestigious educational institutions: University of Miami, University of Central Florida, Florida International University, Florida Atlantic University, Miami-Dade College, Miami Beach Design Art Senior High, Miami Beach Senior High etc. Additionally, we have also taught, performed and choreographed for other cultural entities such as the Florida Dance Association and Miami-Light Project.

Current Hip Hop Elements projects include the Miami Pro-Am, the 2024 Paris Olympics, a Speedy Legs documentary and teaching the next generation about the history and pioneers.

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Hip Hop Elements Original 1990 Logo