Miami Pro-Am Expo

June 11-12th, 2022

America’s #1 most influential Hip Hop, Breaking & DJ Expo celebrating it’s 25th Anniversary.

Come witness the best Break Masters from around the globe battle it out at Miami’s original Bboy & Bgirl event.

Road to the Olympics

The history of the first official Breakin’ Sport Logo…

Days to Paris Olympics








Miami Pro-Am Expo

June 11-12, 2022

America’s most influential urban dance and DJ event is back for its 25th Anniversary.

The History of Breaking as a Sport

Read more about how Speedy Legs and Hip Hop Elements have been able to bring Street Dance and Breaking to the global stage and become recognized as an athletic sport. Learn about the details of the first official Breakin’ sport logo.

25th Anniversary Miami Pro-Am Breakin’ Expo

More info at: Sponsored by:Integrative Medicine USCoral Springs AcupunctureCr8 Health Boca Raton

DJ Trails opens Coral Springs Acupuncture Clinic

DJ Trails of Hip Hop Elements has opened a brand new Integrative Medicine facility and Coral Springs Acupuncture clinic. DJ Trails has been DJing and involved with Hip Hop since he started DJing and throwing parties in 1996. Throughout this time, he's also been...

Miami Pro Am 20th Anniversary

The legendary Miami Pro-Am is back for its 20th Anniversary! Speedy Legs & DJ Trails have teamed up with Bboy World, Ground Zero Crew and JBJ to bring you the Miami International Battle.. The event was held in the Wynwood, Miami area and brought back the energy of...

18th Miami ProAm Games June 5-8 2014

Presented by: Silverback Bboy Events & Sanctioned by UDEF PRO BREAKING TOUR | [fancy_box] Click here for Spectator Registration & Tickets Click here for Competitor Registration & Tickets [/fancy_box] [titled_box title="*** IMPORTANT UPDATE!...

2014 ProAm South East Qualifier

As part of this event we have been working on for the last 17+ years, we will be hosting a qualifier at the Miami Bboy Academy for the Pro-Am Games Christmas Toy Drive. Qualifier Open for All to Compete for: "18th Annual Pro-Am Games" Set for Summer of June 5-8 2014...

Europe Qualifier for Miami ProAm 2014

Enjoy a few videos from the Miami ProAm EUROPEAN QUALIFIER held in France @ the World of Street Dance Festival in November of 2013. The winning 3 on 3 crew will be flown out to battle in the Miami Finals in June of 2014.

17 Annual Miami ProAm June 6-9, 2013

Miami Pro-Am 2013 Itinerary         The Miami Pro-Am Urban Arts Expo consists of 4 days of: Workshops, Dance & Hip Hop Competitions, Panels, Legendary Hip-Hop Pioneers & Guest DJs, Incredible Artwork and a variety of Live Bands (Afro-Cuban,...
USA Breakin

Creating the pathway for Breakers to the Olympics
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