International Hip Hop Conference
May 15th-19th, 2002


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Lower Lobby Area

Panel discussing the Carribean influences on Hip Hop.
Guest Speakers: Teo Castelleanos, Beth Boone(Miami Light Project), King Uprock, Don Campbellock, Lucky Strike, & Speedy Legs

Break Easy in the Veterans Battle
Break Easy is also the 2002

Uprock champion

Dj Leacy - UK

King Uprock recieves an award


Live Drum Sessions!

Vending Section

Dj Stevie D.

TRAiLS - Look out for the mix cd coming soon!

Zulu Gremlin in the Veterans Battle

OG Ice Man from L.A. - Veterans Battle

Speedy Legs - Veterans Battle

Crazy Legs - Veterans Battle

Rusty Shank(Alien Ness) - Veterans Battle
Pro-Am 2001 Veterans & Bonnie & Clyde Champion

Crutch Master comes in 2nd place in the Abstract styles category

King Uprock playing some breaks

Stevie D. cuttin' it up!


Cartoon's R-Tifax

Dianni & Pro-Am booth

I-Emerge - Fader Ballistix Krew - Winner of the DJ Battle

Merge - Pro-Am 2002 DJ Battle Champion

Dj Cell - 2nd Place Dj Champion

Dj Wiz - 3rd place Dj battle

Dj's: Nightkrawler, Reakt, Immortal, & Trails

Icey Ice wins the veterans battle for coming out of retirement

Dj Immortal Showcasing on Sunday
2000 & 2001 Pro-Am Champion

Zulu Gremlin and the judges panel: Iceman, Icey Ice, & Sk8

Wanted Crew from France wins the Bonnie & Clyde

S.O.S. wins the MC battle

Parable comes in 2nd place for the MC battle

Speedy Legs on the drums

Rueben wins the BeatBox competition

Power Moves Champ from France

Roland wins the singles category

Sallie Sly - Popping Champion from France

Speedy D. New York City Breakers

Florida's Finest wins the crew battle
From left to right: Giovanni(LA), Flea, Heps Fury, Legacy, & Tare

MC Finals

Anonymous - Locking Champion

Singles Finals, Roland (San Fran) V.S. Check-It (Chicago)


Pro-Am Itinerary

May 15

May 16

May 17
May 18
May 19

3:30 pm pmRegistration
Conference Opens
Main Lobby

3:30 pm Registration Opens
Main Lobby
3:30 pm Registration Opens
Main Lobby
12:00 pmPoolside Music
Doing It InThe Park

5:00 pm
Lounge Music Main Lobby
Pink Room
Pink Room

2:00 pm
All Dance Finals Grand Ballroom


Closing Ceremonies
WILD STYLE movie Pink Room

6:00 pm
Press Panel
Main Lobby

5:00 pm
Dance Eliminations
5:00 pm
7 pm-10:00 pm Open Dance Circle Funk Music
MC Prelims
Rose Room
7:00 pm
First Dance Prelims
Rose Room
6:00 pm
Dance panel
Pink Room

8:00 pm Private Dinner ceremony
Lower Lobby Cafe
Graff Wall Exhibit
9:00 pm Registration Closes 9:00 pm Registration Closes

6:30 pm
Dj Prelims
MC Finals

9 pm - 2 am
Ultimate Circle
After Party Performances
Grand Ballroom
Dance Circles
  After Party To Be Announced 9:00 pm Registration Closes 9:00 pm - 2am Poppers Cipher Rose Room Mini Car Exhibit
10:00pm - 2am After Party at 21st Rec Center 2100 Washington Ave
Greetings and welcome to the sixth annual Bboy Masters Pro-Am which will once again be held at the beautiful Ramada resort Miami Beach, FL

Thanks to your support every year has been an incredible success.

Mission: To uplift and educate people on the arts of street dance and Hip Hop culture, elevate the dance into a professional level of competition, and share the business and the fun of the Hip Hop phenomenon.

Come witness the only Bboy/Bgirl
conference of it’s kind.

Check out:
- panels - workshops - raw competitions
- performances - and more...

- Meet legendary Hip Hop pioneers
- Network yourself and promote your products amongst other conference members
- Sharpen your Hip Hop skills

About the Pro-Am:
Created by world famous bboys Zulu Gremlin and Speedy Legs, this is the first international street dancing conference offering competitions in: Poppin, Lockin, and the various styles of Bboyin(Breakin) as well as all the other aspects of Hip Hop culture.

Participate or Spectate, this is an event full of sensational arts and unbelievable


Competition Categories:

1. Bboy Flavor 2. Power Moves
3. Poppin 4. Lockin
5. Bonnie & Clyde (male & female)
6. Group (limit 5) 7. Veterans
8. B-Girl (women) *New
9. Abstract Styles *New
10. Uprock *New 11. MC Battle
12. DJ Battle 13. Beat Boxing
14. Black Book (Writers)

Competition Rules & Regulations:

1. Dancers must wear proper dance attire (Sweats, sneakers, etc... No shorts or cut off shorts)
2. No profanity or vulgar gestures
3. No touching

***Any form of disrespect during competition will result in your immediate disqualification.

We will have many surprise guests and we hope you enjoy your stay at the Ramada and the atmosphere the Pro-Am conference has to offer.
Peace & Blessings....Pro-Am Staff

2002 Conference Highlights Include

Panels, Performances, Demos, Fashion Show, Work Shops, Award Dinner Ceremonies, and Competitions.

For Sponsorship, Vending, or additional information:
(954) 340-2192 / (775) 249-0062 Fax

Once again, this year's event will be held at the beautiful Ramada resort at 4041 Collins Ave. Miami Beach
all now and mention Bboy Masters Pro-Am to reserve a special rate.
(305) 531-5771 - Ask for the reservations desk and speak to Pradina or Ira

Map of Miami to the Ramada

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