Konkrete Jungle

Artwork by Sano

Windows Media Player Videos:
Part 1 Intro - Part 2 Intro

Hosted by:
Edward Aguire & Ken Swift

Grandmaster Jianqiang Hu

Dj DP "Turntable Anihilists" brought down the house

Floor Lords
from Boston take home the crew victory

Crazy Roc, Max, Kenny, Speedy, & Al

Kenny, Speedy Legs, Mesquito (1st Place Singles) & Ivan

Clown & King Uprok

Kwon & Trails

Speedy & Frosty Freeze

Shortys at the booth

Frank, Jaqui, & DXT

Speedy Legs & Incredible Breakers

Dj Dp & Grand Mixer DST

Konkrete Jungle was an incredible event, the first of its kind.
Never have martial arts & bboying been mixed together in one event so well.
The event consisted of Wu-Shu martial arts competitions and demonstrations followed by a Bboy Crew & Singles battle. It was held in a large Gymansium in New York City and the response was enormous.

Video Clips coming soon!


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