R.I.P. Bboy Pioneer

of the RockSteady Crew & Zulu Kings
December 8, 1963 - April 3, 2008

Speedy D & Speedy Legs handing Frosty a
Zulu Nation Hall of Fame Award at the 2001 Anniversary

Frosty accepting an award from Zulu Gremlin at the Pro-Am 1999

H2E: What is the first crew you were in?

Frosty: Rock City Crew from 1978-1980 with: Butch Cassidy, Kid Sun Dance, TyFly, FlyTy, Lil Mel, Shane, Normski, Scotty, Fritz, LD, CharlieRoc, Wayne, Ron Dike, Kenny Flip, & others.

H2E: When did you join RockSteady Crew (RSC)?

Frosty: I became 2nd generation RSC in 1981, some of the other guys that joined at the same time were; Ken Swift, TyFly, RaSean(Kippy D), Lil Crazy Legs, Mr. Freeze, Lenny Len, Take 1, Doze, Fast Break, Lil Lep, NelSki, Gino, Flip Rock, etc...

H2E: How did that whole 2nd generation of RSC begin?

Frosty: Well, first Crazy Legs asked JoJo and Jimmy D (Founders of RSC) for permission to start his own Manhatten chapter but they denied him, finally around March, 1981 they agreed and the rest is history.

H2E: What movies have you danced in?

Frosty: Style Wars, Wild Style, & Flash Dance

H2E: What about magazines?

Frosty: I was the first Bboy to come out on the front page of any magazine!
(Village Voice, April 1981)

H2E: What TV shows have you appeared on?

Frosty: 20/20, Live at 5, Teletone News, CBS News, Studio Y etc...

H2E: Did you ever do any music videos?

Frosty: Buffalo Girls, & Bambaataa's PLANET ROCK

The Godfather of Hip Hop Afrika Bambaattaa and Frosty Freeze at Pro-Am 2001

H2E:What tours have you been on?

Kitchen Tour - 1982 with RSC, Fab 5 Freddy, Crazy Legs, DJ Spy and others. We went to D.C., Pittsburg, Minnesota, Madison Square Garden, Iowa, Chicago, Detroit, & Toronto. After that was the opening of the famous ROXY in June 1982

European Tour - November 1982 with Crazy Legs, Take 1, Mr. Freeze, Ken Swift, M.C.'s Infinity, DST, KC, Shaheim, Fab 5 Freddy, Ramalzee, Dondi, Futura 2000, Bambaattaa, Double Dutch Girls, Kool Lady Blue, & Willie Craft. We went to London, Paris, Strasberg, Leoine, & a whole bunch more cities.

Before Beat Street - May 1984 with Grand Master Flash, Crash Crew, Poppin Larry Love, Levan, Broadway, and Kid Creole & Raheim from the Furious 5

Japan Airlines Tour - 1984 with Rockaron, Craig, DJ Jonathan, and others. I ran into OzRock out there.

Summer - 1998 with Fabel, Fever, & Sweet Pea. We went to Italy.

December - 1998 with Jojo, Fever, & Fabel. We hit Germany this time.

Frosty Freeeze & Speedy Legs
Speedy Legs & Frosty Freeze at Konkrete Jungle - March 2001

H2E: What other elements of hip hop have you dabbled in?

Frosty: I MC'd from 1979-'80 on tapes with Louie Lou, we were the Soul Bro. MC's
I did some graff also in 1980. I pieced with Kay Slay, LK, Duel, $, TFA, TC5, IBM, CIA, TDS, RAZ, DURO, Shy 147(RockStars)

H2E: What have you been up to recently?

Frosty: I was teaching classes with Fabel last year in some public schools.
I hosted Marlon B's event at the Culture Club and I did the Studio Y Tv show in January.

H2E: What years have you attended the Bboy Masters Pro-Am in Miami and what are your thoughts on it?

Enjoying a Hot Dog at the Pro-Am 2001

Frosty: 1998, '99, & 2001 - I like meeting all the international Bboy's, South Beach is fun, I like the weather, the people are nice, it's just a lot of fun and a great location. It makes me feel like a kid again! (Frosty also attended 2002, 2003, & in 2004 about 2 days after his mother passed away)

H2E: What moves have you made up or a part of your trademark style?

Frosty: I invented the Suicide, and I helped pioneer moves and combos like: Cannonball, Round the World, Swipe to Headspins, Kickout 4-Step footwork, No Hand Footwork, many freezes, and most of all adding character to the dance.

H2E: Any famous last words?

Frosty: Well, I want to keep on dancing but I know my time is limited.
"We are all in this together, we need to stick together!"
I am more experienced with business now and I know how to control my own destiny.
The 1980's were a lot of business for me and now I enjoy the scene more and have a lot of fun.


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