The 27th Anniversary of Hip Hop Culture
and the 28th Zulu Nation Anniversary.

The 1 Train Line

Afrika Bambaattaa and DJ Jazzy Jay

Bboy Preliminaries

Bas1, GrandMaster Caz, & Beto


Da Bronx

Dj Chance

I think Kool Herc wants Shotgun!

Only in NYC!

Chuck D (Public Enemy) speaking on a panel

Chuck D & Trails

Nice Building

Open Circle

Crowd at one of the afterparties


The DJ Battle

Fabel and his jacket, K-Won, & Bam

Zone, ?, Sinista, Imortal, Merge, Krazor, & Heps Fury (bottom)

Fort Lauderdale Zulu's in the House

The Booth

Jazzy Jay Reppin the TurnTable Masters Shirt

Lucky getting a much needed massage

The MC Battle
Mental Case - NYC 1st place

Cold Chillin' in North Carolina

Nucleus performing their hit "Jam On It"

Other performance included: The Crash Crew, The Cold Crush Bros., & King Sun of Killa Army

New York is still beautiful!

K-Razor, Grand Wizard Theodore (Inventor of the Scratch), Mr. Sinista, & Trails

Fantastic Elastic goes Cyclops on us!

Bronx School Yard
Lots of Fences huh?

Zulu Red & Immortal

No wonder there are so many potholes in NYC!

Aimee & Shock-A-Lock

Shaka Zulu Training Demonstration

Zulu Red holding down most of the 22 hour drive from FL

Sinista (Xecutioners) Not feeling so well!
Nice blanket....

Speedy D hitting a freeze

This is 1 funny guy!

Speedy Legs dressed in Green and ready to hit the streets and fight crime!

Zulu Red Snowboarding, he's quite good!

Trails Rockin The Bboy Battle

The Bboy Finals
Bambaataa and Trails flipped it, record for record.

Speedy Legs Quote "A real Bboy can spin on his fingers!"

Red promoting the latest Yellow Rat Bastard

Joey Sinista reppin the H2e Turntable Masters Shirt

Shabazz, Jazzy Jay, TC Islam, & Kool Herc

Zone in a hollow back

Bboy Cream Monk

Lucky Strike, Steve D (Founder of the Xmen), Trails, Suga Cuts, & Sinista

Happy B-Day Zulu Nation

Trails w/ Haviken Hayes - Positive Note

The definition of Diggin

Ken Swift accepting his Zulu Nation Hall of Fame award.

He sure looks happy!

Andy from RSC crew accepting the award for his sister BABY LOVE

RIP - Buck 4's son & sister accepting his award. RIP

Yoda & GrandMaster Caz from Cold Crush Bros. accepting the awards for The Crash Crew.
They said this is better than any record label, magazine award, or nomination ever!

Frosty Freeze

PopMaster Fabel

Screamin Rachel accepting the award for
Devious Doze of TC5/Rocksteady

Tats Cru gets their award for keeping graffiti alive

I-Emerge was the over all winner of the DJ battle and won that nice jacket

Zone accepting the trophies for himself and Heps Fury for the 2 on 2 Bboy battle

Supreme Beings-NYC won the group Bboy battle
Ground FX - R.I. came in 2nd Place

Sweetness being presented a trophy by King Uprock for the 1 on 1 Bboy Champion

Mach 3 (NYC) (2nd Place)

Lucky Strike goes triple platinum for pulling together yet another great anniversary

Take out the papers and trash!

The not so pretty side of NYC!

Stay tuned for more!


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